Friday, July 10, 2009

The thing about purses...

Ha, I think I needed to hear that it's okay I'm not "perfect" today! I left my purse at a very busy public park this evening. Luckily my knight in shining armor (aka my husband) hopped on his scooter to retrieve it for me when I realized what I had done. Even more luckily it was still there an hour and a half after I left it, thanks to some wonderful strangers who spotted it and kept it safe for me! I can't believe I did that -- it is the third time I have lost/almost lost my purse in 15 months. Didn't have a problem with this until recently, so what gives?

The thing about purses is that they really are… our baggage.

Our purses are so representative of our crap, our to-do list, our money, and everything in between… and we lug it around on our shoulders! Nuts. How many times have you heard a woman say “my life is in this bag!” I know I’ve even said it.

So my love, from over here it seems like you are asking the universe for a break. Just take my to-do list, take my crap and just hold it for a minute and let me BREATHEEEEEE! Let me roll my shoulders, let my neck drop and just not have anything on my plate. Seriously, I’m done. Let me be oblivious of all my responsibilities and run free of my bag and my baggage.

The universe truly gave you and your shoulder some time to breathe. My suggestion you perfect being you, turn off your phone and go get a massage… sounds like you need a little break from it all.

And that’s the thing about purses…


  1. weird, last night i had a nightmare about my purse... people kept stealing it and tearing it, now after reading your blog I understand this is a metaphor for my life

  2. Thanks for your response, Brooke! I've been thinking about it, and you are right on about the whole purse being my "baggage" thing. I think some part of me does want to leave it behind and forget about it all. How did you know?! I'll take you up on the advice to get a massage, or at the very least to let myself relax and breathe when I need it.

  3. Isn't that interesting about purses. My life sorta revolves around my "purses". I sell them and some I love and some I don't. But I sell them to others. I look into my very own purse and see the things that are important to me for that day. And at nite I put it away. If the purse is a mess that day, then I usually am too. Very interesting. I think after reading and writing about my "own" purse I am going to lighten mine up. Or I might just change it daily to fit my mood. That's it. Change your purse every day to the mood you are in. Good idea.