Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The thing about being normal...

The thing about being normal is that I have no idea what that means. Seriously, what is normal?

I was talking to a girlfriend of mine when she said “I just want to be normal already!" and I asked, "What does that even look like?" She proceeded to tell me that she wanted to have no worries, no problems, and no stresses. She wanted to have no drama, and wanted to know herself through and through…never feeling angry or unbalanced. For instance, like her sister. Um, Ya right, I thought to myself. Is that normal…or delusional?

So, what is normal anyway? Curious, I went to a dictionary online which states normal is “conforming to the standard or the common type” Hm. Conforming, huh? Personally, when I conform to what is seen to be standard, I feel… well, abnormal. Out of my skin. Fake. Fraudulent. Like an impostor. When I’m not me- when I’m trying to be the me that makes me more like, well, anyone other than me…normal is the farthest from how I feel. You follow?

The only time I feel normal per-say is when I’m myself through and through. That’s when I feel grounded, tall (energetically, lets be honest), strong. It’s when I kindly ask for what I need and kindly decline what I don’t. It’s when I tell someone…respectfully, honestly, gently …how I feel. It’s when I express myself. Myself. Not the standard or common type.

There is nothing normal about amazing I-wouldn’t-want-a life-without-it things, like creativity or nature or beauty. What is normal about the ocean? That gorgeous mass of life and love and color is not standard. Not common. Real. I’ll say it again… real. Yum.

My mom always said… “If everyone in the world were the same, life would be boring.” I couldn’t agree more.

And that’s the thing about being normal.


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