Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The thing about this past week...

The thing about this past week is that I’ve had a weird emotional week… that included writers block. Really. That’s the truth. Weird. Emotional. Writer’s block. I sat in front of my computer countless times and typed “the thing about…” in as many fonts as my computer allows. And nothin’. It scared me. I know this happens… but I’ve never been one to have a loss for words. I love writing. I love talking. I love this blog.

Why am I telling you this? There’s a good reason. Here’s the story…

During these past few days of blockage an amazing, beautiful, smart, delicious woman who I have been blessed to call my friend for 15 years was lovingly supporting me and asked “So, what is the mission statement of Soap Box Therapy?” The mission statement? Well, now that’s one question I don’t have an answer to. It got me thinking…’cause that’s what I do.

I thought about the expectations we put on ourselves and others. To be or look or say or do… everything right. I thought about how people don’t always think about where others might be coming from- that their past led them to act or say or be a certain way, and they deserve to be understood. I thought about my deep belief that we are all born good, no exceptions…I thought about really angry people and how hard it must be to live in their shoes. I thought about how curiosity is the sexiest quality in a partner. I thought about my philosophy on life… that we all need to be seen for who we really are, be heard for what we really say and be loved in a way that makes us feel like the universe is damn lucky to have us around.

That’s what I thought about.

Then I realized… the reason I started Soap Box Therapy is to have a space to give people the permission to be themselves, everything included. I decided that if this is what I want to preach, I better get on board and practice it. So, I’m coming clean. I’m being myself. I’m telling you I had writers block. I’m telling you that sometimes I want to write something that I’m proud of, but it just doesn’t happen, and then I judge myself for not being…whatever enough. And then it goes away...and then it comes back another time. And I continue to grow. Love it.

Is that my mission statement? I’m not sure, I’m still working on it. But, in the meantime…I invite you to join me. Be yourself. Come clean. Take off your mask. Allow whatever is there, to be there. Be curious about yourself, it’s sexy.

Love love love,

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  1. My Dear Miz Brooke, I do believe we all love you & enjoy your blog. Yes, you do give lots of people help with their problems. Some just can't figure out how to cope with their daily lives & need someone like you to give them guidance.
    As for myself, I'm retired & soon to be 75 yrs old. Been battling lung cancer since April of 2005...doing GOOD! so far. Come from a very large family and been on my own since 14 making my own living. Raised 5 children & now enjoying 11 grand children & 5 great grand kids.
    Please don't pay ANY attention to my posts on 'Twitter"...I'm only here for the fun.
    You are a fine young lady...wishing you the best in life...